About Us

Rattle is a collective of like-minded creatives, technologists and producers. We specialise in collaborating with agencies and clients to bring their ideas to life. Our ethos is Inspiring ideas powered by smart tech. 

Our sweet spot is delivering interactive experiences that engage, delight and surprise audiences across the world. We work on digital outdoor solutions, live exhibitions, event experiences and digital retail point-of-sale. We also produce high impact (and multi-award winning) viral video campaigns and amazing cross-platform content. 

We love pushing the boundaries of technology in search of truly engaging and innovative solutions. However, we always work smart to find the best technical solution for the campaign or experience, and never pick the shiniest new technology for its own sake. 

The Talent

Using modern collaboration tools, we are able to bring together some of the world’s most talented folk to work on any one project. From street art to high art, and Grammy winners to PHD quantum physicists (yes, really!), we can pull a hit squad together for almost any project, and take pride in the fact that we always deliver and are acutely aware that we’re only as good as our last project. 

Action… fast

We’re nimble – not in the sense that we thread needles with our eyes shut whilst doing one-fingered press-ups (although we can do that) – but we work quickly. We’ve worked both agency and client side and we know the drill. 

If you don’t need it now you probably needed it yesterday. While we’re not miracle workers we are pretty damn close. 

We comprise of, and work with, the best talent in creative tech, 3D animation, motion graphics and design. In us, you’ll find a genuinely committed and engaged partner for your brand or agency. We get things done and take pride in the process that gets us there. 

The best thinkers, dreamers and innovators aren’t exclusive to any one place, so our model allows us to work with them wherever they are in the world. 


Founding partners



David is a commercially focused senior digital media and tech executive with over 25 years experience working in a broad range of digital media, technology and entertainment companies.

His formative experiences included running British Airways’ Inflight Media division, running a $20 million contract publishing business in Asia for Time Inc. and as Strategic Marketing Director for CNN International across Europe.

On the back of his cross platform media experiences, David was hired into T- Mobile International to execute the first licensing deals with major film studios and music labels, launching mobile content services across T-Mobile’s 9 European territories.

David also cut his teeth in smaller company environments as Commercial Director for Moonfruit.com (Web building technology) and XPO Network (Outdoor media owner) as well as his own consultancy advising companies as diverse as Universal Music and World Rally Championship.

Prior to Rattle, David co-founded Saffron Media Group, a best in class digital video tech provider. At Saffron, David built a team of 120 staff in the US and UK, executed partnership deals with every major film studio and closed partnership deals with Sony, HTC, Paramount Pictures, Nokia, T- Mobile and Sky Broadcasting. He managed the sale of the business to HTC in 2011.



Adrian is a tech-focused creative with a natural ability to combine advanced technologies with everyday life.

His foremost skill is bringing together teams from various disciplines: designers, technologists, developers, animators, UI/UX specialists and guiding them to collaborate on technologically led creative projects. 

Adrian’s background is in digital art and design. As a designer Adrian spent 10 years freelancing at many of London’s leading design agencies (AKQA, Hi RES, Holler). He worked on groundbreaking projects such as Channel 4's LOST and nike.com and helped re- envisage the BBC website. As an artist Adrian has exhibited around the world, his ‘Penny pictures’ were the main focus of the 2012 London Art Fair and have been heavily featured in the world's press.

Freelancing led Adrian to work full time as Design Director at Tonic Design, Weapon 7 and Athlon where he was a founding partner. He creatively led the global accounts for Bacardi, Whitbread and Mizuho Bank. He also looked after Sony Europe and Mercedes Europe.

Prior to Rattle, Adrian founded RAD digital. RAD specialised in supplying creative content for advertising agencies. RAD’s clients include Virgin Media, Pepsi, Lloyds Bank, Greenpeace, Ford and Orange digital.